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Welcome to the third annual Awakening Awards where we give you, the female fight community and its supporters, a chance to give your valuable input.

You can also nominate for the Awakening WMMA Awards here:


How the Awakening community awards work
How often have you looked at the nominees in an awards ceremony and thought someone vital/deserving was missing? Yes, we’ve all done it. These community awards give you the opportunity to have your say!

Nominations – Dec 14th – Dec 21st
For someone to be considered for nominations their name must be submitted a minimum of 5 times. Due to the volume of submissions we aren’t able to include every nomination in the voting stage. Those nominees that have been nominated many times will automatically be moved into the voting stage. If you are nominating somebody that you feel really deserves to be included but might get overlooked, please email us and let us know why you feel they should be included.

Voting – Dec 23rd – Jan 3rd
Once the nominations have been processed, the voting phase will begin. The community is then encouraged to vote for their favourites in each category!
At the end of this period the voting is closed and the votes are counted.

Results – Announced approx Jan 7th

Awakening Female Muay Thai Awards 2015

Unless specified, you can give up to three nominations per category in order of preference.
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Please give up to five names from any weight category in order of preference
Your email address will be deleted from the database as soon as the voting stage ends. We guarantee that we will NOT pass your email onto ANYONE! Email addresses are needed for us to verify the nominations and votes during the counting stages.
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